Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Words by an educated poet, historian, astrologer, actor, chef, writer.

hey, the blog is good news. It's good news that you are taking charge of your life and self, good news that you are positive and active in this. Good that you can still share your spirit, the highs and lows, the hope and pain, with everyone.

I've been looking at a 3/4's complete chart of yours...
I really wish I (or you ) could get your birthtime. Here's what I think it might be, and why: you communicate a lot, write, photograph, talk, love being with people and talking and laughing--- on the day you were born the Moon moved from 23.39 degrees of Taurus to 6.56 degrees of Gemini. A talker has a Gemini Moon. Also there is a point midway between Mars and Neptune which indicates the propensity to use drugs, etc., but which also can be indicative of vision(Neptune) with force (Mars), and your photos are strong, forceful, and in contact with the Moon would indicate the way your mind operates-- strong visions, strong drugs. and I think this is direct 'contact' with your Moon, which means, as this point is around the first degree of Gemini, that your Moon must be there as well... about half way between those two points, which would be noon in london (the fiducial place) so adjusting for time zones...
Which means you were born around 8am in Miami.

But you have a unique horoscope, an important one, a strong one. In 1988 Saturn and Uranus were conjunct at the first degree of Capricorn. This conjunction happens once every 45 years. So it is not that frequent in any given generation. But as you were born the day after the Spring Equinox, a very important day, your Sun was in the first, probably at the beginning of the second degree of Aries.
That means that it is square, or exactly 90 degrees of aspect to Saturn and Uranus.
So you sort of embody the aspect, you embody the time.
YOU are important in the world.

What does this square between Sun, Saturn and Uranus mean?
Well on a world scale, you were born when the Berlin Wall came down, when the Soviet Empire crumbled. It is an aspect which has a lot of tension, a lot of diffiulty, and also a strong push to endurance, perseverance and making new the structures of the old. (I can see this in your decoration of your flat, your job, our photography...). What is more this is also aspected by Venus and Pluto... tensions and urges for freedom in your love life, your art, needs for structure, appreciation of discipline, and all this is also aspected by your Mercury in Pisces, an idealism and a mind rooted in the more profound forces of the times--- you are a force for transformation.

But to acheive that you will be put through what seems to others, and to you if you look at it superficially, as living hell.
But it's not, it's just you, walking on the coals of the universe and dancing your visions into life. To bring up the most profound visions from the times, you have to live in the depths and love them: you're built to do this, this is your destiny.

Some dates:
when you were 3.5 years-old something destroyed your family life
1993 you were ill.
and again when you were about 10 years old;
14-15 sex and drugs

The Present:
There are a whole series of events in the sky (called 'transits') happening now right on the area where your Son, Saturn and Uranus are concerned. Most important is the opposition (180/360 degrees) aspect between Saturn and Uranus (they have moved out from conjunction and are now at opposite sides of the zodiac, Saturn moving into Aries and Uranus into Libra, while-- at the same time-- Pluto is squaring (90/180) BOTH of them from Capricorn... and this little dance will continue for the next four years...

So it is activating you very strongly... and with much of the same forces-- Saturn, Uranus and Pluto...

That does not indicate sickness, but something else does and I've seen it. It's far to technical to go into in detail, but I would say this:

You have the strength in your heart and soul, and the backing of the planets to overcome your illness. It will pass, but it will not pass if you give into it. You are, and must be pro-active. It will not be a short battle, or it will seem long to you because you are young and still think that 4 years is really hyper-long... hahaha! would that it were!

NO, you have the force and power in you... the same force and power to overcome tensions and to create, to persevere, and that will bring you, if you flow with that force, and it is a mighty strong powerful force... over the next few years.
The world, you may have noticed, is going into a mess at the moment, and things will be worse in the next coouple of years, but then there will be recovery... in much the same way as you will recover. And recovery is not just getting back to where you were before... it is transformation, profound transformation and creativity. That's YOU!!

I love it. I'm so glad that I could look at this and feel happy to know a person of your depth... even if only electronicly via FB...

So, Alfie, please get that birth certificate... and please take care of yourself even more and more... you owe it to your talents, abilities and creative genius (not a word I use lightly).

a big hug,


  1. It was mighty nice of you Lorenzo to take the time to write / research this for Alfie. You seem to know a lot about astrology. That's extremely useful and awesome, kudos! Alfie, listen to him he's 100% right on every single word written. You are in control to your life in more ways than you could ever even fathom. Your a person of art and expression as clearly expressed by Lorenzo so imagine now for a moment that you are a giant remote control and the TV is everything you come into contact with in this giant expanse we call the universe. So now take the remote and start tuning into the channel your heart and soul are truly wanting to watch unfold before your eyes. Turn the static you see in life (as clearly demonstrated by the .gif background you've selected for this blog) into a clear picture of true happiness and positive. Body, Mind, and Soul - Balance.


  2. I am confident that ALfie will come through to all you say-- he has it in him, just needs a hand on his shoulder.
    And thank you! toyryker, for what you say. I am an astrologer, amongst other hats!